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Funny Numbers to Call

15 Funny Numbers to Call When You are Bored

Are you finding your relationship to be lacking excitement and in desperate need of a good laugh or a way to prank your partner?

We’ve compiled a list of 15 funny activities for couples that will keep you entertained and add a dose of humor to your relationship.

Whether you’re interested in spicing up your connection, indulging in hilarious pranks together, or simply seeking some light-hearted amusement as a pair, these activities have got you covered.

The Best Funny Numbers to Call for Pranks

1. Outsource Friendship: 605-475-6966

Are you stuck at home and longing for some friendly banter?

Dial this number, and you’ll be connected to a humorous recording that plays the role of your temporary friend, making your isolation a bit more enjoyable.

2. Mary Sue Rejection Hotline: 646-926-6614

For those moments when you need a clever way to let someone down gently, Mary Sue is here to help.

Share this hotline number, and your persistent admirer will receive a witty rejection message that will leave both of you chuckling.

3. Hogwarts Admissions: 605-475-6961

Dreaming of receiving your acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Well, your Hogwarts adventure starts here.

Call this number and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of magic with a whimsical recording.

4. Santa’s Workshop: 1-603-413-4124

Who says you can only visit Santa’s Workshop during the holiday season?

Dial this number, and you’ll be transported to the jolly world of Santa and his cheerful elves as they prepare for Christmas, no matter the time of year.

5. Keep an Idiot Entertained: 401-285-2079

In need of a good laugh or a way to keep someone entertained?

This number provides humorous instructions on how to “keep an idiot entertained,” ensuring a hearty chuckle.

6. Stop Complaining: 605-475-6973

Had enough of someone’s constant griping and complaining?

Share this number with them, and they’ll receive a comical message that playfully encourages them to put a positive spin on life.

7. Infamous Second Son Easter Egg Hotline: 1-844-4357-387

Calling all gamers! If you’re a fan of the video game “Infamous Second Son,” dial this number for an exciting hidden Easter egg surprise related to the game.

It’s a delightful treat for gaming enthusiasts.

8. It Could Always Suck More: 605-475-6964

When life throws its curveballs, sometimes all you need is a little perspective.

Call this number to hear a humorous reminder that “it could always suck more.” It’s a light-hearted way to put your challenges into context.

9. The Loser Line: (206) 569-5829

Need a tactful way to gently let someone down? The Loser Line has you covered.

Share this number, and your admirer will receive a playful rejection message that cushions the blow.

10. Better Call Saul Hotline: 505-503-4455

Fans of the TV series “Better Call Saul” will appreciate this hotline.

Calling it will treat you to a message from the charismatic Saul Goodman himself, offering a dose of legal humor and a taste of the show.

11. Sex Addiction Intervention: (605)-475-6972

Whether it’s for a friend or yourself, addressing sensitive issues with humor can be therapeutic.

This hotline delivers a comical sex addiction intervention that encourages self-reflection and a few laughs.

12. Bad Breath Hotline: (605)-475-6959

Know someone with less-than-fresh breath? Suggest they call this hotline for a playful take on dealing with their bad breath situation.

It’s a light-hearted way to offer a friendly hint.

13. The Rejection Hotline: (605)-475-6968

Don’t want to hand out your real number to an unwanted admirer?

Provide them with The Rejection Hotline instead. They’ll get the message in a humorous and non-confrontational way.

14. Divorce Hotline: (605)-475-6960

Is your relationship on the rocks, or do you simply enjoy dark humor?

Dial this hotline for a humorous take on divorce that might just put a smile on your face, even during challenging times.

15. Sobriety Test Hotline: 605-475-6958

After a night out, it’s important to know your limits. Test your sobriety with this hotline, which offers a series of humorous sobriety tests to gauge your condition in a fun and light-hearted way.


The next time you find yourself bored at home and in need of a good laugh or a way to prank you partner, remember these funny numbers to call.

Whether you’re seeking amusement, a clever way to reject someone, or simply a dose of humor, these numbers offer a unique and entertaining experience.

So, pick up your phone, dial one of these numbers, and let the laughter begin! Just remember to use them responsibly and with good humor.

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